Backup Services

Backup Services

Why should a business need to have a digital backup?

  • To have a plan B for Business Continuity.
  • To tackle Data Loss Prevention or Data corruption.
  • Ransomware attack recovery.
  • To recover mistakenly deleted or edited files or folders.
  • To have Peace of mind with the insurance of backup.

In today’s world, backup of your IT assets is the primary element of your Business Continuity plan. Backing up your data is equally important as to secure it. We offer customized backup solutions that your business needs. An ideal backup solution would have a

– Local backup copy
– An offsite backup copy
– A Cloud backup copy

Why Enterprises Need Data Backup & Disaster Recovery in Edmonton

The business world is getting difficult day by day due to the rapid increase of demands and competition. In this dog eats dog environment, the pressures have certainly increased, forcing business organizations to become leaner and meaner in their search for making profits from market share. In spite of meeting all the needs of competitive environment, there are some unforeseen challenges that can occur anytime without warning. The situations like a fire at your office premises, flooding or critical human error can cause massive damage to your IT infrastructure which can in turn affect your overall business workflow within minutes that can considered as a disaster.

Though, small IT departments or standalone systems can be replaced and recovered quickly, however, when it comes to business organizations, it is quite a different story. The centralized databases involved in the IT infrastructure of business organizations have made the backup and disaster recovery solutions plans essential for them. For protecting the critical and confidential data of the business organization, an offsite backup disaster recovery database is one of the keystones. By keeping the contingency plan of an offsite data backup system, the business organization make sure that even if the disaster strike, they can continue with their organizational work process and client services with a minimum and negligible system downtime

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    Benefits of Our Data Backup & Disaster Recovery in Edmonton

    No matter how flashy your equipment is, disaster can happen anytime and to anyone. If you want to prevent your business from being affected by such disasters, you must choose professional Backup and Disaster Recovery Services in Edmonton. Here are some benefits of using the same:

    1. No matter how bad your organization has been hit by a disaster, we make sure that, on the day of recovery, you don’t find a single file that you cannot restore or access. We pull all your files and keep them safe 24×7.
    2. We serve you with proactive system monitoring with full intervention and restoration strategies. Also, we keep you reported periodically so that you can keep an eye on the work without actually working yourself.
    3. Our clouds ensure instant recovery of the files that you lost because of anything including extended power loss, fire, theft, or any kind of disaster.
    4. We make sure that your file-restores are prevented from failing by testing your backups weekly before they go off-site. The appliance we use include a fully integrated testing environment so we can test and validate backups for you.
    5. We help you save on storage costs and improve restorability with our smart appliances. The appliance reduces the duplication by ensuring multiple copies of the same file are backed up only once.
    6. The back we take is stored in the encrypted form on server leaving you with absolutely nothing to worry about.

    So, what are you waiting for? Choose the industry-leading Data Backup and Disaster Recovery Services in Edmonton. Give us a call now.

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