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Cybersecurity Services in Edmonton

70% of Small to Medium businesses have experienced Cyber attack at some point that has caused slight to serious injury to their business. Hacking SMBs trend is on the rise because bad actors are aware that there are none or not enough security measures are in place for SMBs.

EPIC IT provides customized Cyber Security solutions that fits perfectly in your environment. EPIC IT Services provides assessment and network management / architectural security systems to the organizations and delivers insight, information, and system to enable our customers to make

  • Cybersecurity Incident Response.
  • Infrastructure Vulnerability Management.
  • Web Application Security Assessment.
  • Advanced Antivirus and Endpoint Detection & Response.
  • Social Engineering and User Awareness Training.

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Cybersecurity refers to the process and recurring practice of securing data, networks, and computers from misuse: either by external cyber-attacks or other threats. Protected data typically includes contact information, passwords, credit card numbers, bank account information, passport and driver license numbers, social security numbers, medical records, and any other non-public information.

Here Is How Our Top Cyber Security Services Help You Secure Your Business

Cyber criminals do not just attack high profile targets – they are simply the ones that make the news. In many ways, SMBs and smaller organizations are at greater risk because those are the targets that tend to have the fewest cybersecurity protections in place. Many aren’t even aware of where the loopholes in their cybersecurity are. It’s a hard lesson to learn. Data theft, disruptions in business, and other effects of cyber-attacks can bring down whole companies through missing data, lost customer confidence, and in some cases punitive fines. But you don’t have to worry about a thing with our cyber security services by your side. Here is how we can help you.

1. IT auditing and risk assessment – Our cybersecurity service will give you a full report on your IT systems outlining how secure they are, examining your cybersecurity policies, and – most importantly – showing you what you can be doing better.
2. Cybersecurity Incident Response–Get a documented written plan that will help your professionals recognize various cybersecurity issues and a guide that will help your staff deal with these issues.
3. Social Engineering and User Awareness Training–Some fraudsters may use manipulative tactics to convince you to give up your private data and then they use it against you. We’ll provide your staff with user awareness training to identify such fraudsters and take necessary actions.
4. Infrastructure Vulnerability Management–Our team is always engaged in ongoing process of identifying, categorizing, and remediating the vulnerabilities of your infrastructure. Each step we take improves the security of your organization.
5. Web Application Security Assessment–We perform web application assessment to identify potential mis-configurations, unreliable authentication, sensitive information leakage, and take necessary steps to make sure your web applications are safe for your organization as well as your clientele.

6. Advanced Antivirus and Endpoint Detection & Response–In addition to a reliable antivirus system and firewall, we make use of industry-leading EDR tools to enhance the fortification of your work environment. These tools enhance the capabilities of your traditional antivirus.
7. Data protection – Improving your cybersecurity with help ensure your data is protected from theft, viruses, ransomware, and other cyber threats. There are several ways our cybersecurity services in Edmonton can help “lock down” your systems including some very simple steps.
8. Data backup and recovery plans – A good backup plan goes hand in hand with cybersecurity. Advanced data backup and recovery plans can reduce data loss no matter what the cause. In many cases, data can be fully restored like it never happened.
9. 24×7 monitoring – Our cybersecurity services include system monitoring 24×7 so that if a virus or other attack happens, your cybersecurity service can react to it faster.
10. Improved system performance – Viruses and other malware can slow down systems and reduce productivity. We provide pretty good cybersecurity service in Edmonton that will help prevent that.

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    Epic IT Security is a leading Cyber Security Company in Edmonton which boasts the team of professional cybersecurity specialists who are up to date with the latest advances in networking technology AND the growing number of cyber-attacks that threaten them. Our cybersecurity experts help ensure that your servers, intranets, mobile communications, network channels, and all your IT systems are protected and secure. We provide the Best Cyber Security Services in Edmonton with the help of team that has experts in building and maintaining networks and other IT platforms, making sure your systems are working at peak efficiency as well.

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