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EPIC IT Security provides Firewall management which includes but not limited to firewall administration, firewall monitoring, and maintenance of recall infrastructure. EPIC IT Security will help clients with managing their Firewall for network security. A firewall is like a Security guard at your digital door equipped with Intelligence-enhanced threat protection to help keep your environment safe. If not configured properly, it may let malicious content enter your network.
⦁ Using a Network Firewall is the first step to make your IT infrastructure secure.
⦁ Our Network Analysts will help you in implementing and optimize Intrusion prevention systems, Anti-virus, Web-Filtering, etc.
⦁ Next-Generation firewalls can generate threat reports and alerts if any suspicious activity is noticed on your network.
⦁ Automate the entire firewall change management process, including hands-free policy push directly to the devices.
⦁ Proactively assess risk alerts and optimize firewall rulesets.
⦁ Let your remote users work from home while maintaining security.
⦁ Instantly generate audit-ready reports for all the major regulations (PCI-DSS, SOX, HIPAA, and many more).

How We Help You With Firewall Management?

We provide highly efficient Firewall Management Services in Edmonton that delivers around-the-clock security event and facilitates ongoing device health monitoring, upgrades management, changes and patching, auditing your policies, and intelligence-operated protection from potential threats to help keep your environment safe.

Here’s what you get when you hire our Firewall Management Services:

  • Unmatched Firewall Expertise
    We apply the industry best to provide you the safest firewall management services with the help of our proficient security experts. Our team works their best to protect the security and confidentiality of your organization.


  • Flexible Approach
    We take a flexible approach in order to retain the aspects of firewall management according to your preferences and your organization’s need. We work independently to implement best firewall protection on your systems.
  • 24×7 Threat Protection
    At Epic IT Security will help you boost your firewall security with 24×7 monitoring and the expertise to help protect, detect, and act.


  • Satisfy Compliance
    We generate compliance reports on-demand using the best and most efficient portals in the industry.

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    Key Benefits Of Using Our Managed Firewall Services

    ⦁ Minimized risk of security breaches that affect your business
    ⦁ Expert security engineers who provide increased coverage levels by managing and monitoring your systems 24×7
    ⦁ We take advantage of industry leading tools to identify genuine security threats and reducing false positives
    ⦁ We help you reduce security administration overheads so that you can use expensive internal staff for other core business functions
    ⦁ Get early warning signs to help you proactively protect business operations from loss of important data and unnecessary down-time
    ⦁ Meets all compliance requirements including log storage
    If you want to protect your enterprises’ locations effectively, you need a professionally managed firewall in place. With EPIC IT Security Firewall Management Services, you’ll always receive alerts when any potential threats are identified so your organization can stay secure at all your locations, protect your organization’s data, and meet compliance requirements.
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    We serve remote work throughout Canada. Remote work includes but not limited to:
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    Cyber Security Assessments
    – Vulnerability Assessments
    – Penetrating Testing

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