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Server Farm Management Edmonton

Every organization is unique for its IT needs. To get the best out of your IT infrastructure requires planning and implementation. We can help you by assessing your existing infrastructure and provide expert advice to improve and manage your environment efficiently.
We offer our services to implement and manage your server environment completely. Some of the services like:

  • Assess your business needs and help you choose the right servers (DC, File, Applications, RDS, etc.).
  • Manage your domain and control your network access.
  • Manage shared resources (Storage, Printing).
  • Implement remote access for remote employees or work from home.
  • Perform upgrade or migration to your current system.

Computers have widely used in so many different industries that the loss of service can lead to difficult situations. When the computer systems go down Businesses can suffer economic losses. Valuable information is also permanently lost. If business computers and programs are managed on a server, the potential for damage to your company increases.

How Our Server Management Company in Edmonton Helps?

At Epic IT Security, we build your IT Infrastructure with Security by design. Our certified & experienced Cyber Security experts and Server Administrators work together to design the Server farm that is protected from Cyber Threats thus give you the peace of mind.
We offer On-premises and Cloud solutions based on your business needs. We ensure that your digital assets are secured by properly implemented access control and data leak prevention.

Here’s a little brief about how we will be helping you:

  • Personalized consultation to give you best advice on which kind of server solutions would be best for your organization.
  • We will set up the initial configuration for you.
  • We provide onsite and offsite data backup and recovery solutions.
  • Our Networks team will ensure that your Computer network provides the maximum possible performance.
  • We will monitor your systems and provide 24×7 customer support.
  • Expert guidance on incorporating technologies that would be beneficial for your business.
  • We will help you for the storage management and solutions.


We offer migration solutions and technologies.Epic IT Security is the trusted server farm administration provider in Edmonton that has been providing reliable services for many businesses. You can contact us right away to learn how a server farm can provide unmatched advantages to your business and how we can leverage the latest software and technologies to help you achieve your goals.

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    Server farms are essentials in helping organizations amp up their productivity and efficiency. They do so by facilitating personalized access to the important documents, search functions, sharing hardware like printers, centralized access control, backing up important files, and many such functions. These kinds of servers turn out to be very useful and convenient when your employees are working on multiple locations. Both small businesses and large enterprises can use these services and stay relieved that in case one server fails, the other will have the backup and business will run smoothly without any hassles. Therefore, you must hire the most proficient server farm management services in Edmonton to make sure you stay at the top of your game.

    Book a meeting with us to discuss how we can help your to solve your IT needs. We are based in Edmonton and can travel throughout Alberta to serve you.
    We serve remote work throughout Canada. Remote work includes but not limited to:
    IT Consulting
    Cyber Security Assessments
    – Vulnerability Assessments
    – Penetrating Testing

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