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Work From Home – Setting Up Your IT Infrastructure

Today, amidst the situation of ongoing coronavirus pandemic, every organization – however big or small – have opted for the safest work environment for their staff i.e. Work From Home. Or we can say that the COVID-19 outbreak has forced the organizations to change the way they operate. While this transition has been smooth for many companies, but there are still many companies who are struggling to make it happen. Because it’s not as simple as take your laptops home for most of the companies. The major problem such companies have been facing while implementing the work from home operating environment is – Managing The IT Infrastructure.

Transitioning to a remote workforce, either on temporary basis or for a long term, needs a strategy that covers IT infrastructure and operations aspects.

How Epic Security Can Help You Implement A Safe Work From Home IT Infrastructure?

At Epic Security, we have solution for almost every problem that get into the way of acquiring the most optimal IT infrastructure for your organization. Here is how we help you implement the best IT infrastructure for your remote staff:

 Access To Applications:

With the help of high-end cloud technology, we offer you various collaboration and communication tools to facilitate the easy communication between you and your employees. We make sure that all your applications and data is available by cloud-based SaaS and any of your employees with internet connection are able to access


Your staff might need organization-provided computing devices to carry their day-to-day operations. While it might not be economic for you to buy a separate device for each of your employees, we can help you implement the safest bring-your-own-device policy so that your employees can carry their tasks without any obstructions.

Verification of User Identities:

When your staff is working from home, you might not be able to keep track of who is using your organization’s applications. It might get harder for you to identify unauthorized access to organization’s applications. We, at Epic Security, makes sure that only the permitted staff has access to certain application and there is no unauthorized usage of your applications.

Maintaining Device’s Security:

Even when you’re working remotely, it is very important to make sure that your device is safe and is not attacked by malicious applications or viruses. We’ll run frequent tests remotely on your devices to make sure their security is not compromised and they are working efficiently.

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    Benefits of Hiring Us

    By now, you must have understood the importance of implementing an optimized IT infrastructure to get your Work-From-Home operations run successfully. Before you hire us, we would like to run you down through the list of benefits that you’ll be reaping by working with us:

    • No hidden costs, just the transparent and fair quote which you can pay monthly or yearly.
    • 24×7 monitoring of your devices with no down-time
    • Risk assessment before your organization’s security is compromised
    • Available on a phone call – you can call us anytime you like
    • Scheduled Onsite Visits
    • Complete IT Infrastructure Management
    • Comprehensive Monitoring
    • Safety From Viruses & Other Compromising Software

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